Swoon at Harry Styles's new doo on the set of Dunkirk!

Harry Styles's well-documented new doo has been setting the internet alight the last week, and now there's further photos of his new shorn look - complete with soldiers uniform AND a floating device. Are you ready?


For those of you still absorbing the majesty of the new haircut without the hat, you may need to create some brain space for the news that the hair is obviously a result of his new role starring in the film 'Dunkirk' - and it's being directed by Christopher Nolan, no less. See, this lad isn't just setting the world alight with his solo material.

According to WENN: "One Direction fans have been arriving in large numbers to look for Harry Styles who is staring in the film 'Dunkirk'. "Ou est Harry" is the saying. The small roads of Dunkirk just can't take the amount of general public and stewards and fans argue about allowing pictures to be taken. The set is now over a mile long on the beach sea front as barricades of sand and camouflage drape over the buildings and ice cream parlours."

Indeed, Harry Styles is now a proper actor. The world has just became a better place.

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