'Ben' from 'Friends' has changed since you last saw him...

A little over a year ago, we provided an update regarding what the kids from Friends look like now, thanks to the passage of time. Now one of those kids is unrecognisable - all thanks to a bit of hair dye (and a lot of moody lighting).

Cole and Dylan Sprouse, the twins who both played Ben in the hit TV show, are now 23-years-old, and looked a little something like this a year ago.

Now Cole, that being the Ben on the left, has transformed himself entirely. Posting the below to his Instagram a few days ago, and he teamed it with some fierce thought provoking words:

"Some people liken it to time stopping, but it's really just your eyes becoming louder than all your other senses. A sharp and directional focus, as if glasses were put on a face that never knew it was blind.
All that white noise had finally ceased, and my mind was able to distill its attention into a single thing for the very first time. You became that first step outside a noisy bar. All this in a look. Just a break from the noise. Just a break. Look at yourself now that the noise is back. You've grown a lot haven't you kid, but you still hold onto those glasses don't you?"


For those wondering, Cole is still an actor, and his new look is for a role. According to Cosmopolitan: "Cole is sticking with acting as his career path of choice, and has already nailed down a role in the TV series, Riverdale. But for his role as Jughead Jones in the program - which is an Archie comics adaptation - Cole had to dye his hair." And look at the difference it makes.

If you're a bit freaked by the thought of one half of Ben going to the dark side, just stare at his brother Dylan for a while, who's still rocking the fair haired look. Or just be safe in the knowledge that - somewhere on the planet - an episode of Friends featuring 'Ben' as a plucky blonde-haired kid is being aired.

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