What?! They've cut off Chris Hemsworth's luscious locks for the next Thor movie

Through four movie appearances as the God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth has had a pretty consistent look.

Flowing blonde locks combined with a godly stubble beard, which is keeping it in line with the traditional source material.

However, it looks like Hemsworth will be sporting a drastically different look for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. At least that's what Mark Ruffalo's on set photos would suggest.

Hemsworth in Full Thor3 Costume!!!

A photo posted by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on

#Thor3 On set behind the scenes. @chrishemsworth

A photo posted by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on


Before you suggest that Hemsworth simply hasn't had his wig applied yet, there had been rumours of the short haired look was going to be adopted back in May and those who saw the Thor: Ragnarok presentation at Comic Con have confirmed they saw glimpses of a short haired Thor wearing war paint.

With the film not due to be released until November 2017 it will be some time before we see a proper glimpse of Hemsworth in full costume.

In the meantime, let's entertain ourselves with this video of Chris Hemsworth doing some stunt training.


Via Uproxx

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