Pure Skincare Review, With Scary No Make Up Photos. Is This Your New Favourite BB Cream?

Pure Skin Care

After hearing good things about Pure products, I got on to them to see if they're available in Ireland. They're not - though they're apparently 'in talks'* - but I was pointed to the Amazing Face website. A couple of days later, the BB cream, eye makeup remover and under-eye roll on were in my hands.

Pure Skin Care

It's hard to get really excited about an eye make up remover, but this is nice - a milk rather than a liquid, it's light and fresh and suitable for sensitive eyes. It doesn't sting the bejaysus out of me like a recent Sephora purchase, so that's nice. Though it doesn't tackle really heavy duty warpaint (like some of these do), it handles my work face with ease.

Pure Under Eye Roll On

The under-eye roll on is the first I've tried, and it bears a passing resemblance to the Garnier product. With cucumber and caffeine, it's lovely on tired eyes - I keep it on my desk for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Pure BB Cream


But onto the BB cream, and ladies, this is the good stuff. The skincare side is handled by vitamin E, collagen, avocado oil and aloe vera - but, sadly, there's no SPF, which is the one downside to the product. Texture wise, it's creamy and thick, but spreads really well and blends easily.

It sets on the skin, giving a real 'my skin but better' finish - as illustrated by these less than flattering snaps. In the first, I'm not wearing a scrap of makeup and I'm wearing the BB cream alone in the second shot.

 Pure BB Cream before and after

A note on the shade choice: there are two currently available, light and medium, but they should really be labelled medium and dark. The brand's obviously aware of this as a 'super light' version is in the works, and will be available soon.

Notice I've yet to mention prices? Wondering if I've saved the best for last? Well give yourself a big ol' pat on the back there! I ordered through a UK site so the prices are pounds sterling - are you ready? Ok, so: the eye products were two quid each, and the BB Cream was just three pounds for a 30ml tube. With postage and packing of £4.50, my entire order set me back just £11.50. I know, right?!

Wipes, cleanser, toner and moisturiser are also available, all at the same tiny prices. So tell us, will you be trying anything from Pure?


 *is what they told me, but some eagle-eyed beaut.ies have spotted them in Dealz - huzzah!

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