Rainbrows: the only beauty trend that matters this summer

Festival beauty trends should be whimsical and splendiferous. It's one of those rare times of year when you can dress up and get yo' freak on. So why was it that last year at Forbidden Fruit, we spied an awful lot of young women with full makeup masking their fresh faces: heavy eyeliner, huge false lashes and big black HD brows. That's for the nightclub, ladies, not two days in a field.

This year, if those big black brows haven't been transformed into mini face rainbows, they should not be let past the fanciful entrance flags.

It started with head hair and it's moved onto brows, and we'll test them at the first festival of the season. So, take a look at tell us, are rainbrows the next big beauty thing?

Cosmopolitan sure thinks so.


new work by @katpage #rainbrows

A photo posted by Julia Friedman (@juliafriedmann) on

Rainbow Dreamz in #Wildfox new steezy ??DollsKill.com/Wildfox

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Could you get in on that brow action? Is it as good a look for real life as it is for festival?

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