Review: Christmas Offerings from Smashbox

There's a fine line between buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones, and buying ones for yourself. And sometimes that line gets really blurred. I mean really blurred. I once thought about buying my Dad a make up brush kit. But only for a nanosecond. Promise.

And today's review is certainly something that I want to buy for myself. Smashbox is one of those brands that I love thanks to it's cool aesthetic and LA feel. Plus, the products are just awesome.

Their offering for Christmas is nice and varied, and covers every inch of your face depending on your needs.

smashbox christmas

IMG_0227 Swatches of lipgloss!

Probably my favourite set are the lipglosses (€25).

These travel friendly glosses come in a set of five, with varying colours that work for day and night. Each of the colours has a very high lacquer shine that does last well even after a few cups of coffee.

Smashbox have also teamed up with breakthrough artist Yago Hortal to design lovely colourful packaging that I would be happy to open on Christmas Day. "Inspired by his vivid and dynamic paintings, the kits feature our best-selling formulas in shades from bold brights to subtle neutrals, allowing you to create any holiday look,” says Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist.


Kohl Pencil! Kohl Pencil!

smashbox christmas 2

The most coveted item from the collection has to be the "Masterclass" set (€67).

If you like to have all your make up in the one box, then this is ideal. I know I keep coming back to travelling, but honestly, this is such a suitcase/carry-on friendly box.

The kit includes the following: eight Blush/Highlighters, thirty-two Photo Op Eye Shadows and eight Get-the-Looks to ensure you reveal your inner makeup artist. The set includes two detachable palettes for a perfectly portable option.

And one of the nicest aspects about this are the guide cards; a set of instructions on how to make the most of the set. I can envisage reading all of these on Christmas Day in front of the fire while eating my weight in mince pies.

The lashes set is very handy, and it includes Smashbox' famous Full Exposure mascara that lasts forever (€23). These are great eye make up essentials, with a sample size under eye primer and a small kohl pencil. The kohl pencil is super soft, so it's perfect for blending.


You're basically spoiled for choice with the range from Smashbox, so you just need someone to buy it all for you.

What do you think of the gift sets? Are they good value for money?

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