Beauty Klass Lip Collection by Myleene Klass for Littlewood's Ireland: Colour Me Surprised

Some cute lip products arrived into HQ last week, and I'd opened them and plastered them all over my arms and the backs of my hands before I even took the time to check their brand.

In retrospect, I'm glad I was so eager, because I have a secret bias. I like products to stand on their own merits. Celebrity endorsements generally rub me up the wrong way. If the product is good, then Scarlett Johansson or Beyoncé's bum/face/acting aren't necessary to sell it. If the product is crap, then I'm being lied to by someone who is significantly more attractive than I am, and that's just offensive.

So I hadn't noticed that these lip products were from Myleene Klass' range for Littlewoods Ireland. If I had, I would have been sceptical. But they're actually really good.

I'm not really sure what Myleene Klass does these days (apart from endorsing things), but her lip products are great. A little box containing three shades of lipstick and one containing three shades of lip gloss doesn't sound all that amazing, but the quality is impressive.

890 Left to Right: Ava, Dolly, Magdalena, Severine, Hero, Hanna

The lipsticks have a really pleasing vanilla scent, but they are seriously pigmented. Though Littlewoods describe Magdalena as a soft, subtle pink, it has more of a hum of intense electric pink to me! It would be absolutely beautiful on sallow and deep skin tones but we paler folks can get away with it too. It's the star of the show, I think. Just look at it. It's glorious, and Ava will give you the perfect red lip.


And look at how pigmented the glosses are! The one on the far right, Hanna, is a sheer sparkly nude, but the other two are almost liquid lipsticks and have great lasting power. If you mix them, they create a rich plummy colour which is beautifully seasonal and utterly appropriate for an autumnal makeup look.

The lipsticks have a lovely demi-matte finish with just enough grip to hold them in place while you go about your day. I'm delighted to have happened upon this range - I'll certainly be checking out the other products! The My Lip Colours set of three and the My Lip Glosses set of three are both €16.50 respectively. I'd call that pretty good going, and these would make a very handy stocking filler!

That'll teach me not to have such a narrow mind! Have you tried these? Do you like the look of them? (Are you a little bit surprised that you do? Shhhh!) To the comments!

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