Is that a Brazilian on his Head?

Well, this is so much worse than we ever imagined. SO. MUCH. WORSE.

We've to go sit down for a while to ponder why anyone would want what resembles a meticulously groomed lady garden on the back of their head.


It's OK though... It's OK. He can still perform his patented Pattinson 'Hair Grab'...

In fact, from the front, he still looks incredibly dashing, let's just forget he's cultivating a little minge round the back.

Phew, that's a relief. Without the bigger picture - thanks to his outing at GO Campaign's 7th Annual Go Go Gala held at Montage Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills - we feared he was teetering dangerously on the brink of resembling Beaker off The Muppets...


Is this the worst haircut that a male celeb has sported or can you think of anyone else that might rival him to the title? As the Mammy would say, is this the new thing now is it? If your fella came home with a Brazilian (hair style, not human) on his head would you send him back to the barber faster than you can say 'twihard'?

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