Rozanna Purcell's Insta pic with Donald Trump is just amazing

At first glance, this 48-year-old woman could be a Dynasty cast member circa 1987 until you realise that's Donal Trump in the middle of casting some sort of evil spell beside her, and it's actually a young Rozanna Purcell.

Yes, that glamazon really is Rozanna Purcell.

#tbt ...... To this shoot in #newyork ??? there's so much wrong with this pic I'm a totally Hunzo ya @anthonyremedy ????

A photo posted by Rozanna Purcell (@rozannapurcell) on


Janey Mackers, but that's quite the contouring job. And tan overload. And... the hair. OK, we will agree with you, Rozanna, there is so much wrong with this pic.

It's hilare though, keep 'em coming, and let us know your Trump secrets while you're at it.

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