Secret Small Person: Do You Know Any?

aldo shoes

My latest pair of Secret Small Person weaponry, €80, Aldo

At work recently I nearly spat my cup of tea out as one of the girls inducted us into the ways of The Secret Small Person.

"You know her," she said sagely. "She's that chick who's super-tall and gorgeous and always strutting about in killer heels."

Everyone nodded.


"Then one day..." she added, as we all leaned forward eagerly, "you see her in flats and you realise ... SHE'S A SECRET SMALL PERSON!!"

It was a struggle to hold my tasty mouthful of Lyons in. It's so true - I myself am a quasi secret small person but I'm not very good at it. At 5'4 and possessed of, how shall I say, comfortable calves, heels give me extra height and lengthen my legs, which are not my best feature. And I love an auld heel. But I can't walk very far in them, so for day I go a good bit lower. I cheat at being taller, in other words.

I know we all have stories of Secret Small Persons That We Have Known And Loved - dish in the comments girls!

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