What?! Those holes in your Converse are not just decoration

I, probably like you, discovered the hard way that Cons are not suitable footwear during rainy weather. (On that note, did I ever tell you about the full college semester I put tinfoil inside my Penneys knock-offs when holes formed on the soles, instead of buying new ones? Or wearing different shoes? No? Well, that wasn't me.)

Everyone has owned a pair of Converse at one stage or other: they're comfy, they go with loads of outfits and, let's face it, they're just a little bit cool. But not waterproof.

Kristen Stewart arrives at Narita International Airport Tokyo, Japan - 22.10.12 Featuring: Kristen Stewart When: 22 Oct 2012 Credit: WENN

Credit: WENN

The Converse design has not changed much over the hundreds of years they've been in existence, and maybe at one stage you've wondered what's the point of those holes on the sides? Well, they do have a point, as it happens, and that's to reduce the risk of stink foot. Yes, they're for letting your foot breathe! Also, they're for doing fancy lace work.


Here's all you need to know.


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