This new eyebrow trend is taking over Instagram. But would you try it?

Have you seen the new eyebrow trend? This one might be taking the eyebrow obsession one step too far.

Eyebrows have been on trend and highly fashionable for the past few years. We have all become much more fond of our fizzy face friends. We take more care of them than we ever have in the past. Or maybe just in a different way than we did in the past. Tweezers used to be our best friend for grooming our eyebrows. The most recent eyebrow trend, though, is perfectly groomed without being over-plucked. To be a 'feature' and to give shape to our faces.

The most recent trend to hit instagram is the wavy brow. The wavy brow involves sculpting your natural brow in a dark shade at least as dark as the hair and then - wait for it - fashioning a sort of wavy tail at the end of it. We can guarantee this trend won't be for everyone. We just thought we should warn you about it in case you come up against a set of wavy brows in the near future - so that you don't raise your own brows in shock and amusement.

Wavy eyebrows


If you turn out to be a fan of the trend, here's a little video on how to create that wavy tail:


So... yea or nay?

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