Start brushing STAT! Celebrities with teeth photoshopped out serves as horrible reminder

If you ever wanted to remind yourself of the importance of a healthy set of gnashers, look no further.

I present to you the latest meme to take the net by storm - celebrities with their teeth photoshopped out. Those of you who suffer from frequent nightmares about losing your teeth, look away now.

Hilarious and just a little bit terrifying, am I right? My favourite one would probably be Anne Hathaway, who looks especially scary considering she is approximately 50% tooth anyway. Also, this one of Kristen Stewart is amazing - mostly because the creators actually managed to find a picture of Ms Grumpy Gills smiling.

I present to you Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, who transforms from one of the sexiest women alive to an extra from Alien without her toothy grin.  And words can't describe how the no teeth look transforms the Pretty Woman.


Celebrities without teeth is the successor to the older meme celebrities without eyebrows, which proved to the world that even the most beautiful of actresses can look like some sort of alien sea creature without brows. We all love a good strong brow, but I never appreciated the work they do in framing a face until the celebrities without eyebrows meme. Just look at Mila Kunis sans brows.  Virtually unrecognisable isn't she?

Now let's see - which other celebs or indeed Irish stars are ripe for a no teeth (or eyebrows) photoshopping?  Let your imagination run riot!

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