Sweaty Bettys rejoice: Garnier Natural Minerals Ultra Dry Deodorant is super strong and super effective

"What's the best anti perspirant?" asked a friend, knowing that we're obsessed with deodorant on Beaut.ie. "My normal ones just don't seem to be working that well anymore and I wind up feeling sticky half way through the day.

"Did you try Mitchum?" I asked. "The girls on the site rave about it."

"Yeah I did" she said. "I don't find it much good to be honest."

"Driclor?" I tried. "Ugh she said. No way - that stuff is terrible to put on." And I had to agree.

"What about man deodorants?" I said. "They're stronger than girlie ones."


"Don't like the smell" she said "The search must continue."

A couple of days later she told me "I've found THE one!" New Garnier Natural Minerals Ultra (from €2.95 for the roll-on) apparently not only smelled nice but worked really well, keeping pits dry and fresh from morning shower until bed time.

Of course I had to instantly hurry out and pick up a can for myself to test this claim and I'm in full agreement. There's lots of different types of deodorants in this range - anti white marks; sensitive skin; post epilation and so on. But the one we are loving is the Ultra Dry.

Deadly buzz. Have you tried it yet?

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