Tan Trials: Garnier Ambre Solaire Instant Bronzer hydrating gel

You want instant gratification?  You want instant colour?

You’ve got it!

I’m away in de Canaries at the mo- don’t hate me!   I had to leave our freezy and breezy land for a few days – I NEEDED sun.

A cheap flight was booked and in the rush to get everything done before we went,  I realised as I was getting ready to go to the pool the next morning that I HADN’T DONE MY TAN!



So I was as white as a piece of paper and with no time to even use a quickly developing tan I turned to Ambre Solaire Instant Bronzer (€10.95, but I’d say you can pick It up for cheaper on 2 for 1s etc).


And it worked!  Instantly I was brown.  I put it on after my shower just like a body lotion and although I’m so lazy I didn’t follow the steps recommended  as I was dying to get out into the sun. I’m ashamed to say there was no exfoliation.   But it didn’t matter – this formula is really forgiving and easy to slap on.

Here I am five seconds later with just one arm done to show you how good the coverage is.  The white arm looks so porky and PASTY my god!


And if there are any streaks?  No problem you can just wash ‘em off.

The tan smells fresh and crucially there’s no smell of digestives as there’s no tan developer (DHA the orange stink chemical isn't in the mix).  There's also a shimmer version available.

But does it come off in the pool?  This was a concern I had, imagining an orange slick following me as I swam.  But no, it’s fine because it takes soap to wash the tan off, so it will stay put until you have your shower.  Just one thing to remember – it’s easy when you LOOK tanned to forget that your tan is actually providing no protection against the sun whatsoever so you really have to slap on that sun cream.


Are you feeling the love for instant tans or still going down the Fake Bake or gradual tan route?

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