This is the Christmas makeup look to suit everyone

This Christmas makeup look involves liner, lips and glitter. It's not that difficult to do and it will see you through all your Christmas nights out.

If you can do a smokey eye, you can do this makeup look. It involves a moderately smokey brown eye and black eyeliner. What makes it different is the touch of glitter on the eyelid to give you that festive glint in your eye. This Christmas makeup look suits absolutely everyone; when you base an eye makeup look around neutral brown eyeshadows it works for all.

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You might need to get yourself some gold glitter but you probably have all the other components of the perfect Christmas makeup look. Get out your trusty brow eyeshadows and create your usual brown smokey eye. You can attempt a liner flick if you're confident in doing it. If not, use a black kohl pencil along the upper lash line. The finisher for this eyeshadow look, and the part that makes it festive, is the gold glitter. For the most dramatic and festive effect use a loose glitter and apply it with eyelash glue to the inner corner of the lids and bring it about halfway across the lid. If you don't want it to be too dramatic you can just use a high-shine gold eyeshadow and apply it in the same position.

The beauty of this eye makeup look is that it suits everybody, every eye colour, every skin tone and generally every taste. Here you can see the same look worn on different people. It's just so fun and flattering we love it for Christmas.


You can also wear it with nude lips for a more natural finish to the look.


Do you like the look? Will it be your Christmas go-to?

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