Thrice as Nice: Make Up Store Cover All Mix


I'm a nut for concealers: Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer is one of my all-time favourites and Benefit's Erase Paste has proven to be a surprise hit too. I definitely favour a cream over a Touche Eclat-style fluid, and am always on the hunt for the next big thing. A surgical strike this weekend on my bathroom cabinets allowed me to bring a few bits into play that'd been hovering in a limbo of 'oh I really must try that' for a couple of months.

One of them was Make Up Store's Cover All Mix, €28.50. The brand is new and exclusive to Arnotts and this circular pan contains three concealing and correcting shades (it looks a lot more fleshy-toned in the, eh, flesh), and can be used, according to the brand, thusly: "The yellow concealer covers red areas such as spots and blood vessels. The orange-red concealer covers blue areas like dark rings under the eyes. The beige concealer lightens up skin tones."

Oh right, I hadn't actually read that before I used it and so just thought it was presented in three shades so you could mix yer own blend. Which is what I did, and it worked really bloody well.  You will need a brush for this, and I mixed on the back of my hand to get a shade I felt was right for my skintone. The pigmentation was great, thick but not cakey and as I tend to mainly use concealer around my eyes, if it's drying I'll know straight away. This isn't.


Not cheap, I know, but a good basic buy you'll get a lot of use from. And of course, if you're popping along to our event on Wednesday, then you can check it out for yourself!

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