Throwback Thursday: The classic eye palette that will suit everyone

Our latest delve through the archives has brought up a classic eye palette that our Beauty Ed believes is one of the best ever

We're continuing our look-back at classic articles from the Beaut archives and this week we encountered another classic, Master Series Palette One by Black Canvas.

Maybe it's because we're all getting a bit tired of shimmer in eyeshadows - I know I am - but this week the product that I've been raving about is this versatile, flattering eyeshadow palette.

  • Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One

classic eye palette blank canvas

Master Series Palette One €35


This palette is one of my favourite palettes ever. That is saying a lot considering the recent releases of so many great eyeshadow palettes.

You've got your Urban Decays (which are amazing, don't get me wrong), and plenty of budget brands have produced cheaper alternatives, but the reason why I think it's so good is that the colours are mainly matte and all are exceptionally wearable and complementary to most eye colours.

This is a 'if you only buy one...' type of product. The pigments are of super quality, as is the brush that comes in the set. There is also a great variety of transition colours, not to mention an amazing double-sided eyeshadow brush, which is perfect for blending.

As far as palettes go, what more could you want? That's a serious question, guys, answer in the comments!

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