Is the Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother range hair's new hero?

I had high hopes for the last hair care range I tried, but, as usual, I was let down. We discussed L'Oreal's Extraordinary Clay system and unfortunately, it just doesn't do what it says, which is a shame since it's for my exact hair type.

Because they say to try and try again, try I did, this time with Garnier's new-ish (it's on shelves now) offering, the Delicate Oats collection. This threesome is made up of: Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother Shampoo 400ml, €6.29; Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother Conditioner 400ml, €6.29; and Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother Heat Protection Milk 150ml, €7.29.


It doesn't offer any magic fixes, it doesn't wow with its packaging, it only promises to be kind to your head, and I'm ok with that; my head needs a little TLC (in more ways that one, but no need to go into that). It's designed for people with sensitive scalps and is supposed to hydrate hair without weighing it down, which is a popular aim of hair care products these days. It's paraben free (yay!) and dermatologically tested (double yay!) so kids can use it too. Shampoo fun for all the family. The packaging

It's paraben free (yay!) and dermatologically tested (double yay!) so kids can use it too. Shampoo fun for all the family. The packaging is safe and nice, the type your mother-in-law would have in the guest bathroom.



I tried all three products in the range last night and can report that they are very nice. I was a little surprised that the shampoo was more milky than clear, which is how I define light-weight shampoos, but it did what it said and was gentle, lathered easily and rinsed out quickly and well.

The conditioner is of a similar consistency and it's perfectly fine. I don't usually spray my hair with anything before blow drying (I know, bold. But I'm getting it cut and coloured on Saturday and I promise my ways will change) but I gave it a whirl. It didn't clump my hair together (in fact, it has 'detangling power') and they say it can substitute for conditioner if you don't have time for it. This, I like; I never have time for conditioner.

All three have the same pleasant scent; the hero ingredients are oat milk and rice cream, but there are also hints of white musk, sandalwood, iris and almond. It's lovely.


This morning, my hair feels and looks clean, and I didn't need to put anything extra in it. I'm hoping this is down to the heat protection milk; if it is, we are on to a new wonder product. I'll keep you posted.



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