Unsung Hair Heroes: Velcro Rollers as Used by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton & Velco rollers

Personally I'd be a very happy bunny if I never saw another article triumphantly identifying where Kate Middleton's coat/dress/shoes/tights have come from (although I suspect I'd feel quite differently if I was a head honcho at LK Bennett or Reiss, where a substantial chunk of her daywear originates and who have had several items sell out faster than they could be produced on the strength of a sartorial nod from herself.)

At this stage, I feel like nearly know more about the contents of Kate Middleton's wardrobe than I do about my own.

The last insider tidbit I read was about her right royal hairdo, and I have to admit to having a much higher tolerance for these kinds of deets. This lady has the sort of swishy, glossy, never-looks-out-of-place hair that I'd quite like to have when I (probably eventually) grow up. The secret apparently lies in a good blow-out before dry setting hair on some old skool velcro rollers.

Now, me and Kate might not have all that much in common but an affinity for velcro rollers is one thing we do share. These are self-grip rollers whose built-in grippiness resembles the hooked side of a strip of Velcro, so they hold themselves in place in the hair and don't require additional clips or grips.


I have a few Boots own brand large ones that I find great for giving my limp, mid-length locks a little lift and adding a bit of movement to hair without encouraging too much in the way of curliness or frizz. I like that I can bung them in and then pretty much forget about them while I continue with the serious business of getting ready to go out, and since mine have metal innards I can give them a blast of heat with the hairdryer for an even better result.

Are you a member of the velcro roller fan club?

Kate pic credit: glamour.com

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