This time-saving makeup hack will make your mornings bearable and your bag lighter

As modern gals in a fast-paced world, most of us have super busy lives these days. Every time-saving makeup hack is a godsend.

I love tricks and tips to turn a beauty product into a multi-tasker. Multi-use makeup means you can have a more compact makeup bag. Compact is good! It means less weight in your handbag, fewer bits and pieces to root through in a hurry and a generally simplified routine.

I am a makeup artist but I really think you can never stop learning new techniques. I love hearing new techniques from other makeup artists or just seeing how everybody puts their own personal stamp on their makeup products. We all tend to use things in different ways. Some prefer a big powder brush, some like a smaller head with tighter bristles. Some of us apply lipstick straight from the bullet and others use a lip brush. We all use products in our own way.

I use this little trick pretty much every day. Whether I am doing a super quick, daytime makeup or a smoky eye for evening time this will work, and it's all down to one simple product: bronzer. Pretty much everyone has a bronzer in their makeup bag; it's a makeup staple. Traditionally, you use it on your cheeks, but you can use it as eyeshadow, too.


Bronzer is usually golden-toned or warm-toned, both of which make a beautiful eyeshadow transition colour or just a subtle, neutral eyeshadow. I often blend it out all over my lid and diffuse it out past the crease. Apply liner and mascara and you have a super quick, light eye makeup look. If you want to use it as a transition colour just apply it the same way before your lid and crease colour.

time saving makeup hack

Do you use any of your makeup products as multi-taskers?

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