What Not to Wear: Keely Hawes' Letter Box Liner

Keeley Hawes

I know a good few of you have already given No 7's new mascara - Extreme Length, €17.25 - a flutter and liked it. So when I saw an ad on de telly for it (watch it here), I gave it my full attention.

And saw the STATE of the slap on Keely Hawes, the face of No7.

Yuck, is all I can say. I'm all for stylised, fashion-forward makeup and am not one bit backwards in coming forwards with colour choices and what have you, but this letter box liner thing she had going on did nothing for her. Pretty as Keeley is (and she really is), you've got to have one hell of an attitude - not to mention the right hair and clothes - to rock that super-sharp and hard-edged liner look all the way around the eyes. There's a reason makeup artists soften eyeliner, and it's because it's more flattering to the majority of us crathurs. Otherwise, you end up looking like Jackie from Hollyoaks - and lord God above, she's no ones beauty icon.  Or at least, I hope she's no ones beauty icon...


So while I know No7 may have been going for a very stylised look here, it got a thumbs down from me. And here's the other thing. As Ms Hawes coyly worked her way through her lines, I searched the screen for evidence of this super-duper-lengthing effect the voice over was promising. I couldn't see it - her liner was in the way.

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