What's the Key to Perfect Pins this Christmas?


It's no secret that Irish women love a bit of a glow. Another not-so-secret secret about Irish women is that we're hardy enough to brave the winter chill without wearing any tights. But when there's no time to be faffing about with the long and arduous tanning process this busy festive season, along comes Sally Hansen.

It's simply the quickest, easiest way to get yourself the best looking pins in town. Actually, it's the quickest easiest way to get flawless looking skin anywhere. When you've got perfectly even pins, why not match your arms and back?

sally hansen spray

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray is the cult staple in almost every Irish woman's beauty arsenal. There are however, those of us for whom a spray can is as dangerous as a toddler with finger paint. If you're the type of person who has to cover the bathroom in newspaper before getting to work with the spray, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs comes in lotion form too.


sally hansen tube

You've got the tools now how to get the look? The answer is simple; just take a couple of minutes to apply your preferred Sally with a glove or mitt (or we hear that a fluffy sock does the job particularly well) and . . . that's it. Off you go. On your way.

Whether it's a tan effect you're after or if you just want to cover veins, freckles, bruises and any sort of imperfection, both the spray and lotion versions of Airbrush Legs come in four shades: light, medium, tan and dark. You can even apply your spray or lotion over a wear-off tan for added depth and extra smoothness.

This Christmas, when you're expected to flit from party to party while looking your sparkly best, time and effort is spared with Sally Hansen. Your hard earned cash is spared too; Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray costs only €13.95 RRP and the Lotion is €16.95 RRP. Available nationwide.

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