Game, set and match: Ace tennis nails how-to

Well well well.  Wimbledon's being very exciting this year isn't it?  The mighty are falling all over the shop and new stars are emerging, it's great to watch.

But it's not only the tennis that has got us all worked up - the nails are pretty spectacular too. Wimbledon is a "whites only" tournament - but no one said anything in the rule book about nails did they?  Stands to reason then doesn't it - all eyes are on your claws so it's an ace (excuse the pun) opportunity to show off a great mani and express a bit of personality.

wimbledon nails

Nail art sumpremos Original Sugar have grasped their nail art pens and set to work creating a  Pop Art derived look which wouldn't look out of place on centre court and might... just might... distract your opponent from their game.


Step 1. Apply white as a base for your designs . Then apply another colour around the outside of the nail leaving a white space. Make each nail different.


Step 2. Using an Original Sugar Nail art pen, load the pen with water based acrylic paint and expand the white space into a star.
Step 3. Use your nail art pen to outline the star with black paint to create a cartoon effect, Then write your expressive words inside the white star.
Apply top coat to seal your art work.


Like it?  Check out some of our nail art tutorials here and check out to pick up the nail art necessaries for this and lots of other looks (there's tons of inspiration on their site).


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