10 Most Annoying Things You Can Post on Facebook About Your Holiday

The new thing when you're on holiday is to aim to not spend any time actually interacting with the person you're holidaying with, but rather to post on social media about how great a time you're (not) having.

Why? Well people seem to feel that their own experiences are no longer valid enough to exist on their own merits, they need to be approved by their friends with the modern day equivalent of a slideshow of your holiday that no one really wants to see, but hey, the kids are all doing it so why not get involved?


Of course, a lot of people are doing it regularly, which means that there is some data to what people post when they're off jet-setting around the world. According to a survey from the folks at Topdeck Travel, these are the most common (and therefore the most annoying) boasts that people make on Facebook when they're off on holiday.

1. Them on the beach

2. The hotel room

3. The hotel pool

4. Friends on the beach


5. Them being adventurous

6. Them eating dinner

7. Them with an animal

8. Anything that will prove they're in a foreign country

9. Photo looking out of the plane window

10. Friends doing something adventurous

Not that we're jealous, of course...


Are you guilty of subjecting all your friends and family to a slideshow via their social media feeds? And what is the most vomit/jealousy inducing picture that you've seen posted on a friend's time line? To the comments with a CLICK!

Via i100. Main pic via Berit Watkin/Flickr

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