1997 video shows the Spice Girls slamming advertisers who want them to show cleavage

ICYMI, a video is doing the rounds online of 90s pop sensation the Spice Girls giving an advertising team hell for requesting that they show more skin in an ad for Polaroid.

The video, which is from 1997, shows the girls coming up to two of the men on the film crew and expressing their outrage that they wanted more cleavage and midriffs showing in the ad they were shooting.

The men’s defences include ‘it’s every man’s fantasy’ and ‘that’s showbiz’.

They are told by Geri Halliwell that they ‘should know better’ while Victoria Beckham tells them to ‘stop trying to be cool’ and takes one of their sunglasses.

The girls can then be seen leaving the set as they proclaim ‘Girl Power’:


As can be seen in the final ad, the Spices prevailed:

Girl Power – timeless.

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