Calvin Harris slams Taylor Swift in a huge Twitter rant

Up until now, Calvin Harris has managed to fly above the murkiness of his breakup with Taylor Swift.

At first, it seemed like Harris was more than happy to wave goodbye to Taylor Swift and all that, but now it seems as though he's had enough of the America's sweetheart routine that she's been putting out. In fact, he's had enough full stop.

Harris took to Twitter yesterday to fire back at a few things surrounding Hiddleston, Taylor Swift and himself. Essentially, Swift claimed that she co-wrote Harris' latest single with Rihanna - all of which Harris has confirmed.

Here's where it gets more interesting, however. Harris then basically takes a shot at both Swift, her team, her relationship with Tom Hiddleston and a few other points.


So, thoughts? It seems as though Taylor Swift's mask is beginning to slip and the calculating nature of her personality is coming into focus. It seems like Harris has managed to put a bit of distance between himself and Swift and move on with his life in an orderly fashion. Maybe that's what bugging Taylor Swift so much, that he's able to move on pretty easily.

Did it strike anyone else as very strange that she went straight into Tom Hiddleston without a second look? Maybe it was a rebound. Who knows.

The drama continues.



Via Twitter 

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