5 times Adele proved just how much of a legend she is

Today is Adele's 28th birthday. We know, she's only 28 years of age and she's achieved that much already; it's a little bit sickening. But hey, we got out of bed today and came to work so we're doing well.

To celebrate the singing sensation's day of birth, we've been taking a look back at some of her finest moments, because whatever about the incredible, peerless, breathtaking singing, she's gas craic altogether. If her vocal chords dry up, she's got a career in comedy and if people were to get paid for just being sound, she'd be sorted there too.

What we love most about Adele is that she's one of the most successful celebrities who doesn't have any notions about herself. And not having notions is the highest compliment that you can receive from somebody Irish.

Here are five times (among HUNDREDS) where she secured her status as an all round ledge.

When she brought that duo of Dubs up on stage at her Dublin gig and we all wept.

Her carpool karaoke with James Corden was the best ever and yes, we're including George Clooney in that.

That time she pretended to be a diva with Ellen Degeneres


Then there was that time she didn't give a rashers what 'society' thought when sauntering through Disneyland while her son was dressed as Anna from Frozen because that's who he bloody well wanted to dress up as.

Happy Birthday Adele: 5 times she proved just how much of a legend she is


She's got nothing but time for her fans.


Happy Birthday, Adele. Keep the good times comin'. 

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