7-year-old Luke's thank you letter to his teacher will melt your stony heart

I'm starting to think that I need to start a new squad. The criteria for joining will be simple - you must be seven. Frankly, seven-year-olds are quickly becoming my favourite people. Between the wonderful Bea who has the highest sass level known to humankind (you can catch up on her conversations with her mum here, they are a thing of joy) and now with the arrival of cool handwritten-letter Luke, I believe that I've found my people.

Little Luke Motherway attends Bayside Junior School in Dublin and is in first class. His teacher is Ms O'Driscoll, and his thank you letter to her at the end of term is nothing short of perfection. Luke's ability to be succinct and gentle, honest and reflective, well, it's giving me hope for the future. This is a small man who is going places and going there at speed.


I particularly like how he acknowledges that it really has been quite the year for all of them and he can pinpoint exactly why Ms O'Driscoll is one helluva teacher.


Ms O'Driscoll, we salute you and we're 5/6s sure we understand fractions.

Luke, the future of the country is safe in your little hands.

Thanks to Luke's mum, Sadhbh Motherway, for the pic!

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