8 Things To Do In The Evening That Don't Involve Alcohol

If you're doing Dry January but struggling to think of non-alcohol related evening activities, here are 8 ideas that'll help.


1. Go for food.

This is an obvious one, but why not go out for dinner with your friends instead of heading to the pub.

The difficult part of this will be trying to decide where you're going!


2. Have a game night.

Who says games are just for kids?

Game nights can be so much fun with the right group of friends - ideally, ones that aren't overly competitive and won't get annoyed if they lose.

You can play board games like Monopoly and Ludo, card games or something more active like Twister.


3. Have a dinner party.

If you'd rather not go out for dinner then you could have a dinner party with some of your closest friends.

You could make it more interesting by doing a Come Dine With Me style party where each person hosts their own dinner party and gets rated out of 10.

Your prize at the end doesn't have to be money like on the show, it could be something small or simply just the satisfaction of being the winner.


4. Go to the cinema.

There's always lots of interesting movies in the cinema so why not have a look at what's on and make a list of all the movies you want to see.

Then you can plan the days you're going to see them and who you're going to see them with.

You'll probably end up spending less going to see three movies than you would on one or two nights out.



5. Go to a music or comedy gig.

You don't need alcohol to enjoy a music or comedy gig and lucky for us, there are dozens of talented artists and comedians in Ireland so you'll have a good selection of gigs to choose from.

If you're not sure where to find them entertainment.ie has a very handy events section which lists the different types of events happening across the country.


6. Go bowling.

You probably haven't gone bowling since you were a child, right?

Have a little bowling night with your friends to see who can still get a strike and who will end up in the gutter.


7. Take up a new hobby.

Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to dance, make pottery or join a team sport, well now's your chance.

Use that bit of extra cash you have from not drinking alcohol to start a new hobby.

Hobbies are a great way to develop a new skill and meet new people.


8. Go to an arcade.

Another idea that may seem a bit childish but arcades can be so much fun.

After all, that's why many of us liked to spend hours in them when we were growing up.

You and your friends could make an evening of it by doing fun activities you all loved as kids and then afterwards you could go for some well-deserved food.




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