How To Actually Stick With Dry January This Year

So you've decided to do dry January this year but aren't sure how you're going to get through it. Here is how to make sure your alcohol detox is a success.


1. Remember why you're doing it

If you have strong reasons for doing dry January this year then keep reminding yourself of them and what benefits you will gain from successfully completing the challenge.

A strong reason for wanting to challenge yourself by going alcohol-free for a month will really help you to resist the inevitable peer pressure you'll receive.


2. Find a non-alcoholic alternative

There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks out there and finding one that works for you will make going to a pub, club or restaurant that bit easier.

If you're a fan of beer why not try some of the non-alcoholic versions available or if you prefer cocktails simply order a virgin cocktail or mocktail.


3. Reward yourself

Give yourself a few milestone dates throughout the month and once you hit these milestones reward yourself with a non-alcoholic treat.

You could buy yourself that nice top you've been lusting after for the last few months, have a movie night with friends or a significant other or have a pamper night.


4. Don't avoid going out


Many people think avoiding situations that involve alcohol is the best way to successfully complete dry January but it actually defeats the purpose.

Your social life shouldn't suffer because you're not drinking.

Although it may be difficult at first it's important to be able to go out and not drink alcohol and still have a good time.

Dry January is the perfect time of year to challenge yourself and try it out.


5. Get support from friends

Doing the challenge with some friends or asking for support from them while you complete it will make it a lot easier.

You can lean on each other for support when needed and if you're doing it together you'll know how to help each other during the difficult times.

Likewise, telling a friend the reasons why you're doing it and asking if they could help you during difficult times or when others are pressuring you to drink can be a huge help.


6. Prepare yourself for the peer pressure

It's highly unlikely that you'll get through the month without getting pressure from someone to break the challenge and drink some alcohol so do yourself a favour and prepare for it.

Plan your responses and if the peer pressure continues don't forget it's okay to leave if the situation is making you feel uncomfortable.

Good friends will respect your decision and although they may joke about it at first won't continue pressuring you to drink.



Are you doing dry January this year? 

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