Adele makes dreams come true yet again

It's no 'Please welcome to the stage...' á la Taylor Swift, but after Adele's onstage proposal in Belfast, her sorting out of tickets for Voice of Ireland/Adele superfan Patrick James in Dublin, as well as bringing those two Irish lads on stage to do their Adele medley, it's turning into the 'Adele does lovely things for people at her gigs' tour.

Now, there's this.

Adele's tour has brought her to Manchester this week and when she's not photobombing fans as above, she's bringing them on stage to sing with her.

Emily Tannam and her mother went to Adele on Tuesday night and thanks to the sign below ended up singing alongside her for 'Someone Like You'.


Emily, who is autistic and also has ADHD and a joint ailment, left the crowd awestruck as her dream literally came true.



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