Adele hits up In-N-Out Burger after Grammy mishap

And just when everything was going so well for Adele... people were lining up outside her hotel window, she has the world of music in the palm of her hand, she can even prank fans and they'll thank her for it (remember her as Jenny the Adele tribute act)?

Yet while she may be the biggest-selling artist of the year, even she can fall prey to the ol' dreaded 'technical issues' - yes, even on one of the biggest nights in music on the calendar.

It's just like that time she had her acceptance speech at the BRITS cut short. Kind of.

The Londoner was performing '25' album track 'All I Ask' at last night's Grammys when her mic seemed to cut out, and her tuning seemed to go a little askew. Alright, it was horribly out of tune, and she knew it - as you can see from her slightly panicked expression above.

She later blamed the mishap on the "piano mics falling on the piano strings", and said that she'd treated herself to an In N Out burger to compensate for the mishap.

In fairness, she can also console herself with the fact that she'll be back in 2017 to win a bajillion Grammys for '25'.




Watch the footage below:


Now, who'll join us in a burger for lunch?

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