Adele, Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Stone are Besties Now

The only way they could've possibly had more fun is if they invited Anna Kendrick along - she's hilarious. They should all be friends. We're not even being sarcastic - this needs to happen, and they need to make a TV show about it.

This morning, the internet is swooning at the sight of Stone, Lawrence and Adele hanging out in NYC, just casually enjoying some Mexican delicacies and having a great laugh. The general consensus is that they should be seen together more often, because it excites the internet and gets hashtags like #SquadGoals trending.


This isn't the first time Adele and Lawrence have enjoyed dinner together; they reportedly stepped out last week for a bite to eat in New York's Waverly Inn. They also had that raucous time with Harry Styles, which left a number of diners unnerved.

In case you happen to be in New York and fancy sampling the delights consumed by the threesome, here's some info via Vanity Fair: "The trio dined at Cosme, a joint which serves 'contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine.' Their 'beverage program' (definitely the least weird way to refer to a drinks menu) 'focuses on artisanal spirits.' Persimmon-infused margaritas all around! (You just know the meal started with the waiter asking, 'Would you guys like guac?,' followed by JLaw shouting, 'Um, more like, ‘Would you guys like all the guac?’ The answer is yes.')"

Any latent dinner date goals? Then again, they do say 'never meet your heroes'.

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