Anna Kendrick on Letterman

Sorry, Jennifer Lawrence, it's been fun, but we now we want Anna Kendrick as our new best friend. We're fickle like that...

Anna Kendrick

As for Anna's warning about Ambien, it is a hell of an over-the-counter sleep-aid drug. I stock piled it (for obvious reasons) when in New York in a previous life, and it caused me to attempt to get into bed with a pregnant lady (and therefore the only sober person there) while at a weekend hen party. That wasn't as embarrassing as the time I found myself (apologies if you've heard this one before) walking through the reception area of Cork's Clarion hotel in a rather revealing nightie. Thank God for that nightie. 


And as if that weren't enough of a hoot, here she is discussing dildos with David. He doesn't know where to look - until he gets his hands on the Cat Paw. Then he just can't stop.

So yeah, Anna, call me. We can hang out. Now, tell me, do you want to hang out with Anna or are you having cocktails and pizza with Jen?

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