Aww, David Beckham's New Tattoo is Adorable

A few weeks back, Victoria posted a minion transfer on an unnamed body part of her husband claiming young Harper had given her dad a tattoo. One can only assume that inspired David to get a proper tattoo to celebrate his youngest child.

He captioned the below: "Hey Pretty Lady.... Just adding to the collection of tattoos that mean so much to me... Thanks Mark as always looks amazing ... @shamrocksocialclub." That's in LA in case you were thinking of knocking in to get inked. 

That bit of body you're looking at above is his neck; between this and the other tattoo he got celebrating the year he married Victoria - '99 - he's running out of room.


If they ever break up it'll be a very sorry day for marriage everywhere...

Have you ever been motivated to get a body part inked to celebrate a loved one?

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