Diet Diaries: Beyonce's bonkers maple sugar diet



It's Tuesday - and that means its Diet Diaries time at I normally ask for someone to email me with their diet experiences and today is no exception. Beyonce is a fan of and regularly logs on to catch up on what's happening here. She usually prefers to lurk, but this time she wanted to share her experience of the Maple Sugar Diet.

So I was happy to oblige - I know Beyonce lost a staggering 20lbs in a matter of weeks, from her already slim figure, before Dreamgirls (see pic left of Beyonce at the Dreamgirls premiere). Why would she want to lose those bootilicious curves though? Well she explained that her character in Dreamgirls ages from sixteen to forty during the course of the film and hair and makeup can only do so much. She wanted to make the character as believable as possible, so she decided to lose the weight.


A bit drastic though Beyonce, I emailed back. What was the diet like - what could you eat? So she told me all about the Maple Sugar diet (also called the Lemonade Diet). I'll just tell you a bit about it - basically it consists of a fast for two weeks broken only by the maple sugar drink -water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and of course the maple sugar. This isn't your common garden maple sugar though, it's a special magic (ahem) blend called Madal Bal.

"I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. It was tough; everyone was eating and I was dying."

Sounds lovely doesn't it? So how are you doing now Beyonce, I asked her? Great, she said, I've been stuffing my face since the wrap party and I've put on 12lb. I don't recommend this diet to anyone.

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