Before They Were Famous: Michael Fassbender & THAT Guinness Ad

We love a bit of Fassbender on the blog and recently someone idly mentioned to me that it was his fine Germanic-by-way-of-Kerry ways that feature in that Guinness ad - you know, the one where he swims to New York after striding manfully past that road-globe thing on the M7. Driving past the road-globe thing on Monday en route to Kildare Village (I bought a Le Creuset, fact fans), I remembered it and thought I'd tell you all.

Even though he's a bit on the Aran Geansai side in the above, in hindsight I can apreciate his Fifty Fine Things ways so lets have a chat about other things people were in before they were famous. Like, for example, that time an embryonic Boyzone were on the Late Late Show and the entire nation is still scarlet for them when it thinks of it. Or the time Colon Farrell unconvincingly played a traveller in Ballykissangel. For example, like.


You know the kind of thing I mean - so, don't spare their blushes! To the comments!

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