Is this the best themed hen party ever?

Wow; this woman knows her Friends trivia like no-one else. Michelle Naik's best pal was getting married to her long-distance partner, and given that long-distance relationships aren't easy, she wanted to make her bridal shower extra special. Something the couple, Sana Khan and Taufik Chhotani really enjoyed, however, was watching Friends simultaneously whilst on the phone. It was their thing. So, Michelle had a lightbulb moment, along with the bride to be's sister Shamain who's also a photographer and set about creating only the most extravagant, detailed Friends themed bridal shower that even the Friends' creators themselves could ever have dreamed of.

Speaking to Mashable, bride to be Sana said "Being in a long distance relationship can be tough... We see each other maybe once a month, so we try to do different things to make us feel like a 'normal' couple. One of those things is having a FaceTime date and watching Friends."

Michelle said to Mashable: "It took about a month and countless sleepless nights for Shamain to think out all of the details... I set up the decor and florals the day of the bridal shower which was a little nerve wrecking, but within three hours I got so much done."



The only thing missing was the cast of Friends themselves. Take a gander through the pics to see just how creative things got. Only a true Friends fan will appreciate this.

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