Bradley Cooper Discusses his 'Engagement' with Amy Schumer

Forget Irina Shayk (or whoever he's romancing of late); Bradley Cooper is betrothed to Amy Schumer. It's probably something he would've preferred to have kept on the QT, but he's not had option but to talk about it since Amy revealed their engagement (from the 5:00 minute mark below) during her SNL opening monologue last Saturday. While he's been remaining shtum the last few days regarding their alleged whooorlwind romance.

Speaking via Access Hollywood, Cooper said: "I thought it was gonna be a secret, but she just decided to let the cat out of the bag... I texted with her after. I was like, 'That was hilarious'."


So they're not engaged (in case you hand't copped it was a joke)... So there's STILL A CHANCE FOR US!

As for their relationship to date, Schumer has been making things slightly awks for Cooper for quite sometime, "The truth is, I remember I met her and then she was on a talk show and made up some story that I pretended to avoid her."

Now that's true love right there. They should totally "hang" some more.

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