Brad and Angelina's new jewelry: the meticulous design process behind the range


I know it's hard to imagine them ever having a free second, but Brad and Angelina have none the less found the time to fashion a jewellery range. This is the description:

The 'Protector Collection' has been meticulously created with Asprey by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to benefit a charity close to their hearts. The limited collection of fine jewels and silver objects was inspired by Angelina's reflection on the snake as an iconic guardian, a cultural symbol of family protection.

But this is how I imagine the design process went.

Ring ring

Angelina: Yeah, Angelina

Jewelry Designer: Oh hi Mrs Pitt I was just wondering if you had any reflections on the close to your hearts charity jewelry line you and your husband the film star Brad are meticulously creating for us?

A: Uh I dunno. Just put snakes on everything


JD: Snakes... on everything? Everything? And nothing else?

A: Shiloh stop hitting your sister. Stop it stop it now. Braaaaaad!

(Scuffling and screaming ensues, a masculine voice yells "Stop mushing Liga into the f**king carpet Pax!" Sound of a short sharp slap. More pandemonium.)

JD: Mrs Pitt are you still there? What colour snakes would you like? Red? Green? Black?

A: All of those, yeah black, definitely black.

JD: Just a snake range then?

A: You heard me. And curl em up so that it's like... symbolic.


JD: Er ok.


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