Calling all wine fans! Would you try this latest trend in wine?

Looking forward to relaxing this evening with a nice glass of chilled Chablis or punchy Shiraz? Or maybe you're more of a rosé fan, especially in the (so called) summer weather?

Well, you can forget your red, white and rosé bottles because the latest trend in wine is blue. To my eyes, it looks like knocking back a glass of mouthwash but if your brain is expecting mint, then it's going to get quite confused.

Spanish company Gik have created a blue wine using different varieties of both red and white grapes, sourced from vineyards across Spain. The blue colour comes from the addition of indigo and anthocyanin, both of which are actually found in the skin of the grape so you needn't imagine some type of Willy Wonka production line where blue colouring is added.




It is a sweet wine and Gik suggests that it is served chilled.

And look, we have to talk about the name. This is one of the problems with international trade, words or sounds can mean one thing in one country but something completely different in another. For example, a Spanish-speaking friend of mine was somewhat horrified to see a car brand use the name Pajero on one of their models. Google it. It's not great.

And the word 'Gik', I dunno, it doesn't get my taste buds all enthusiastic. I'd like a glass of Gik please. Yes, a big glass of Gik. I feel it's a word that a native Corkonian would use to describe something that they found distasteful.



That all said, it's a marketer's dream and if I saw a bottle in the shop, I'd buy it just for the novelty value (the weibsite sells three bottles for under €35). Also I feel like I have actually been, eh, on the Gik because the fella on the right of Insta pic looks like the image of Perez Hilton to me.


I can't help feeling but that Violet Beauregard is somewhere in my future.

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