Caroline Wozniacki Spills the Beans on Rory McIlroy's Dumping via PHONE: We Talk Bad Break Ups

If you didn't like Rory McIlroy already, you're really not going to like him after you hear Caroline Wozniacki's version of events.

Wozniacki sat down with Yahoo! News' Graham Bensinger to talk about all the many facets of her career and life, but the burning question was about was her and Rory McIroy's very sudden break-up. Now, as opposed to Rory's version where it was all 'mutual and amicable', Caroline paints a very different picture saying she was shocked and thought it was a joke for the first five minutes.

She told the press of their ten minutes phone call, saying:

I thought at least I would get a face-to-face or something but there was nothing. It was just a phone call and then I did not hear from him again. It kind of just ended and I don't think you expect yourself to be in a situation like that. You can't prepare yourself.


Not that it's gotten her down, as she says she's "I've moved on" (you can watch the longer interview over here on Yahoo! should you so desire).

But it got us thinking about break ups - Matt Damon breaking up with Minnie Driver on Oprah Winfrey, Phil Collins ending his marriage by fax….what's the worst break up story you've ever heard?

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