Cat Deeley & Patrick Kielty are Expecting a Baby!

It's not quite posting a scan photo of your unborn baby quaffing a pint of Guinness, a la Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy, but it's up there. In short, we'd like to go for a drink with Cat's producer, they seem like a right laugh. There's nothing quite like someone scarfing a wedge of brie and a load of prawns in your face while you're pregnant.

The 38-year-old presenter, who's been making waves stateside alongside her Irish comedian hubby, posted the below a few hours ago, captioned: "My producer's response to our exciting news! I laughed till I cried! You don't want to know my reply!" Something along the lines of "F*** OFF!" we'd imagine.

Deeley also posted a less cryptic message to her twitter page...


Patrick and Cat got hitched on the sly three years ago in Rome.

Congrats to the lucky couple, I'll be raising a large glass of vino, a block of camembert and some clams to them tonight!

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