Celeb Watch: Russell Brand

I heart RussellRussell Brand is one sexy man it has to be said.

What do we love about him? Well how about everything really. From his beautiful big brown eyes to his cheeky grin, his razor sharp wit and his legendary prowess with the ladies. And he just doesn't give a damn does he? He says whatever he wants and he gets away with it.

Hilariously funny, great in bed, gorgeous - what more could you ask for?

Well nothing really - but we have just a couple of little things we need to say to you Russell.

Your look needs a serious update. Yes, we were loving your rock star chic for ages. The smudged eyeliner, the lurex scarves, the cuban heels. But that's the thing. It HAS been ages. Can we see perhaps a hint of colour appearing in your outfits, can we see you ringing the changes and getting out of your black shirt and tight trews combo. Yes it's working. But it's getting a BIT tired...


Secondly, your HAIR. WHY are you backcombing it up at the back of your head like a cockatoo? It was cool when it was slightly backcombed and scruffy, very sexy, but now it just looks ridiculous. Its standing up like a hair tiara or something - sack the stylist.

Oh nearly forgot. We know you're famous for wearing womens trousers - but here's the thing. They're just too big in the hips. Get a proper pair of mens tight black drainpipes. It'll give you some ball room and maybe calm you down a bit - perhaps this may be the cause of why you get so shrieky sometimes.

But Russell these are small things. You're still gorgeous, we still love you, keep on rockin.

I present this picture for your delectation. It's Russell doing everything right - trousers fitting well, hair fab, introducing a different colour into his wardrobe (okay I know it's only white, but it's a start!).

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