Celebrity Makeover: Raggedy Andy

Oh Raggedy Andy what can we say about your "look"? There's so much going on here - and none of it is good.

I'm just going to focus on the hair and makeup for the purposes of this post. I can't even get into the clothes or we'd be here all day.

For starters: the hair. I don't know how to break the news, but the fact is that you're receding. Yep, you've got the whole "big forehead" look going down. So my advice to you would be: cut the gruaig. Get a nice short crop.

The hair is clearly dyed off your head and it's the most unflattering garish shade imaginable. What was your colourist thinking of? Oh wait a minute - you didn't use a home colour and do it yourself did you?

I think we have our answer.


Other problems:

  • overplucked eyebrows
  • too much mascara
  • I can't be sure here but I strongly suspect too much botox
  • red nose - suggestive of a drink problem
  • the strangest use of lipliner ever

Raggedy you need to tone your whole look down. Like Xtina in her Dirty days, your look is bold and attention seeking. She realised she had to move on though, and so should you.

What beauty advice can you give Raggedy Andy?

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