Charlie Sheen meltdown: tool or totally brilliant?

It's a funny thing about Charlie Sheen.  He was never that great an actor anyway - he has actually had very few big roles.  Associated with the Brat Pack of the Eighties, his contemporaries - Matt Dylan, Rob Lowe etc - went on to bigger and better things while Charlie's career kind of stagnated.  Famous by association (Daddy Martin and brother Emilio Estevez) who both were actually working actors, Charlie concentrated on hell raising instead.

Until Two and A Half Men.  The biggest comedy in the States, Sheen was good in it because... well he essentially played himself.  A lazy arse who didn't do much, sat around the house drinking and screwing himself stupid.  But sure now that he's lost the run of himself he's jacked in the whole deal.

So lets get this straight.  He's paid $1.8 million PER EPISODE to play himself (the role is not taxing in the slightest) and get off with loads of gorgeous women.  What a flipping stroke of luck for a deadbeat.

But no, now he's had a row with his producers and thrown all his toys out of the pram in the most public fashion possible.

And every day we get emails into from "plastic surgeons to the stars" in Hollywood urging us to warn our readers of the dangers of drinking and drugging and the effect it can have on your looks.  Because Sheen looks seriously terrible at the moment.


What do you think of the whole carry on?

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