Here's what the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story looks like now

One of the smaller but still memorable characters in the classic fantasy film was the Childlike Empress, aka Moonchild

The film followed Bastian, a shy, bullied boy, who found comfort when he read The Neverending Story, which introduced him to Atreyu, the brave, and Falkor, the joyful Luckdragon. Bastian saves the Childlike Empress at the end of the film by calling her name.

Childlike Empress

The character was truly regal and graceful.

Since then, the Israeli-American actress who played the role, Tami Stronach, has embraced the character that has become synonymous with her, taking the user name @NeverendingTami on Twitter.




While she did some acting after The Neverending Story, Tami focussed her attention on dance and choreography instead. In a way then, she maintained the elegance of that sweet, gentle character:


And this is just really cool:



Via Hellogiggles

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