Chrissy Teigen plans to hire Night Nurse for her newborn

As a mum-to-be, Chrissy Teigen is obviously getting parenting advice from all angles. When asked by Us Weekly what the best nugget of advice she's received to date was, the model responded: "The recommendation of a night nurse! It’s pretty unanimous. Everyone was like, 'If you can do it, do it.' So we’re going for it!"

When it emerged that Teigen and husband John Legend were going to hire a night nurse when their baby this spring, some of Twitter got up on its collective high horse...

After Chrissy felt compelled to respond to the negative feedback, others showed support...


If I could've afforded a professional to help with night feeds, especially as a first time mum, I'll put the paws up and say I definitely would have considered it for a night or two. Especially for burping hints; my daughter had a particularly difficult time getting the burps up and would therefore howl when put down swiftly again at 4am in the morning.

Each to their own.

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