Ciaran's dastardly secret is out on tonight's Fair City

Those of you watching the never-ending saga that is Katy's disappearance on Fair City will be delighted to hear that, at last, tonight, somebody finds where Ciaran is hiding her

Unfortunately, that somebody is Heather, who has just returned to Carrigstown after a stint in a psychiatric hospital following a breakdown which involved her poisoning her child Ellie. She has decided that she wants to now hit the road with her daughter, but her sworn enemy and half-sister Farrah is still worried for Ellie's safety so has taken her to her new beau's Ciaran's place to stay.

Heather, however, has no idea where her daughter is, and tonight she starts to get suspicious of Ciaran, so follows him to his workshop, aka Katy's bunker. When Ciaran leaves, Heather sneaks in looking for signs of Ellie, but instead she finds his tablet and instantly recognises that it is Katy on the screen.

Ciaran arrives back though and catches her, and as you can see from the main image, things turn violent.

BUT... Katy is found! Hurrah for Heather!


Nope, no such luck. Heather, being the evil so-and-so that she is, realises that she now has some leverage on Ciaran.

Dammit, for the love of merciful JAYSUS will someone just save Katy already?

Watch all the drama unfold tonight on Fair City at 8 pm.

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